Brownie Salted-Caramel Ice Cream Shakes


A brownie- strewn chocolate ice cream shake with salted caramel . . . that you can eat with a spoon, if you want. Here’s a quick and easy recipe that will make two large servings …

Brownie Salted-Caramel Ice Cream Shakes   (adapted from Betty Crocker)

For Shakes:

2 cups chocolate ice cream, slightly softened
1/4 cup regular milk
2 (three-inch square) cooled, unfrosted brownies, cut into chunks

For Garnish:

Additional unfrosted brownies, cut into small cubes
Chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt, cut into small pieces
Caramel topping, if desired


Place ice cream and milk into a blender. Cover and blend on high speed until smooth and creamy. Then add the brownie chunks. Cover and blend until smooth (stopping blender as needed, to scrape down sides, if necessary).

Pour into two glasses. Garnish with brownie and caramel pieces; drizzle with caramel. Serve right away (with spoons)!